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What The Universe Was Busy With This Week

Every morning we thank G-d for not being Gentile. I heard that this week the Miss Universe paegent [did I spell that right? I hope not] was shown on television and 600 MILLION Gentiles [I hope that all of the viewers were Gentile] could find nothing better to do with their time other than to watch this "event". I will assume that things have not changed since I was young and Miss Universe is NOT the young lady who proves that she has the most knowledge about how the Universe functions [physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy etc.]. Then I will thank G-d that I have a life. A Jewish life.

Also Torah. A Torah that teaches us the value of modesty. Against a world that rewards people for immodesty.

I also thank G-d that I live in a community where a woman is judged by such things as how much chesed she does and not by the shape of her figure.

It is wonderful to be modest! I enjoy it, my fiance enjoys my modesty. Living in America, clothes are small and show too much of a womans body.

my fiance says the same! i have trouble shopping in america too. and it's so sad that even amongst many jews who keep other mitzvot, tzniut gets pushed to the side as "just a chumra".

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