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Tu Bishvat

I am sorry but I must share this riddle with you. What joke is almost as old as Tu Bishvat?: What day follows Tu Bishvat? Three Bishvat!

Not a joke: What day precedes Tu Bishvat? Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

On Tu Bishvat Jews eat fruits. What do you do on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Have a DREEEEAM!!!

We all know that after the fact [bidieved] if you made a shehakol on any food you can eat it. What is less well known is the opinion of the Chaye Adam [58/3] that mezonos also covers all foods outside of water [and other beverages] and salt. This is based on the gemara [Eruvin 26] that says that if one makes an oath that he will not eat mezonos, he may not consume anything but water and salt, so we see that all foods may be categorized as "mezonos".

However some argue this point [see Aruch Shulchan 167/19 and Igros Moshe Orach Chaim Part 4/40].

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