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Prove It!

For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.

Stuart Chase

Sweetest friends, I am not a big fan of "proofs" for G-d's existence. The Yerushalmi says that if one needs proofs for something then it is not self-evident. G-d's existence is self-evident. You don't need proofs that YOU exist, do you? G-d existence is a lot more real than you are [no offense].

LIVE G-d, EXPERIENCE G-d, and you will not need proofs. That means to daven with all of your heart, to learn Torah with unwavering intensity, to SEARCH for people for whom you can perform acts of kindness, to spend the 25 hours of Shabbos immersed in spirituality etc. etc.

After you have LIVED G-d then proofs might be interesting - you know, in case you are ever a Madrich/a for Aish Hatorah or something. But don't substitute proofs for the real thing.

It is sad when ALL a person has is a few proofs and he misses out on the EXPERIENCE.

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