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Cumulative Effect

The Torah calls Hashem a Doctor as it says "Ani Hashem ROFECHA". Keeping that in mind, what do you think Hashem said to Moshe when he gave him the Luchos?

"Take two tablets and call me in the morning".

Anyway, Chazal teach that for forty days Moshe was learning the Torah from Hashem and forgetting it [until Hashem gave it to him as a gift]! Which compels us to ask - what was the point of learning it if he was going to forget?

Says the Heilige Shem Mishmuel: Every time he learned, it made an roshem [impression] on him. It wasn't a complete forgetting but a partial one. In the same way when we do any mitzva or anything positive - even a positive thought about someone else - it has a small effect on us and over time all of these small rishameem will add up to something SPECTACULAR.

We just need to be persistent in our goodness.

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