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Kefirah On The Internet

There is a very depressing phenomenon on the internet. Heresy. Apikorsus. Kefirah. There are many deniers of G-d and His Torah who find a forum to spread their poison on the internet – free of charge, with a wide ranging eager audience.

The tragedy is that people don't realize the ramifications of their heresy. Yes, they can now enjoy many of life's pleasures without restraint [it won't bring them happiness but on the surface it seems appealing]. But there is much more than that. Now they must live with the belief that we are all nothing more than advanced monkeys. Life has NO meaning. We are living in a senseless world where people suffer terribly – and then die.

Marriage has no meaning. She is a monkey, I am a monkey, we are just accidents. If I find a better looking monkey – why shouldn't I go to her?! If she finds a monkey who will be a better provider – why shouldn't she go to him. There can be no moral code. How can you tell me what to do?! You think it is wrong to kill – and I think it is right [as long as you do something to deserve it – like cutting me off on the road]. If you can kill an animal for dinner why can't you kill a person for dinner. If I kill him then I will have more than dinner, I can have lots of dinners, depending on how much money he has.

The Holocaust was six million people who died because of fairy tales! Yes, they went to the gas chambers because they were Jewish and they were only Jewish because some sinister people made up some nonsense a few thousand years ago in order to fool a nation into keeping stupid paganistic rituals.

The Middle East conflict – dumb. This land belongs to no one! Over 20,000 soldiers died because the fairy tale writers decided to invent that Israel is the Holy Land – but it is not Holy at all and CERTAINLY not worth dying for.

A person is in his hospital bed dying of cancer and asks why? Why?! Bad luck dude. Suffer and then die. Monkeys die. No purpose. Sorry.

So I don't understand the GLEE expressed by those who have found the "truth" and discovered the falsehood [afra lipoomaihoo] of our tradition. Now what do you have? Nothing! A life empty of meaning. You are going to bring children into a senseless world and can't teach them any values because values are all contrived, subjective inventions of my animalistic mind.

If one realizes this he will not be so quick to dismiss our tradition. To such a person I say the following. Learn! There have been many intelligent people in history who believed in the veracity of the Torah. There are scientists who believe, archeologists who believe, historians who believe and people from all disciplines who believe. Rav Soloveitchik was an intelligent man and he believed. The famous story they tell about him is that one Shabbos he accidentally turned a on a light and then fainted when he realized what he had done. He was aware that science says that the world is billions of years old and that the bible critics say that the Torah has numerous human authors. But it didn't bother him [as he stated]. He was SURE that the Torah is the word of G-d and was willing to die for his belief. So learn the Moreh Nevuchim, Kuzari, Sefer Haikkarim, Chovos Halevavos, Maharal, Ramchal, Kisvei Harav Kook etc. etc. Speak to Talmidei Chachamim and analyze the issues. You will find yourself enriched by the discussions. The more people you speak to the wiser you will become. And remember that not all questions have easy, readily digestible answers. Iyov was very bothered by questions he had on G-d and the answer was – you don't understand anything! You are only a human being with a limited intellect. You don't have to understand EVERYTHING! As it says in this weeks parsha – "Tamom tihiye im Hashem Elokecha" – Walk simply with G-d.

We don't know that the Torah is true because of intellectual prowess – we know that the Torah is true because of our experiences. The Prophets didn't philosophize about G-d – they experienced Him.

May we all be zoche to experience the wonders of Hashem and help all of those lost tortured souls who are so distant, return to our Maker.

To conclude with one of my favorite quotes: "People who stop believing in G-d don't believe in nothing, they believe in everything."

Love and blessings!

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