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Human Sacrifice

Sacrifice, which is the passion of great souls, has never been the law of societies.

Henri Frederic Amiel

I once read a story that I found amazing. It was presented as true: A young girl suffered from a rare illness. The only way to save her was to perform a blood transfusion from her 5 year old brother who had already suffered from and beaten the disease so he had developed antibodies to fight it.

The doctor explained the need for the transfusion to the little boy, who said: "If it will save my sister, I am ready."

As the procedure was underway the boy grimaced and said "Am I going to die little by little or suddenly?"

The child had misunderstood! He thought that they were going to take ALL of his blood and he was going to die. But in his childhood purity he was willing because he wanted to save his sister!!! A five year old boy!

Sweetest friends! According to Jewish law it is forbidden to give up ones life in order to save a friend [save for special circumstances - vi'ain kan hamakom lihaareech bazeh..], but what strikes me about this story is the expression of love for his sister. He was willing and ready to die for her without any convincing.

Halevai that we should learn how to love and sacrifice for our fellow Jews and hopefully in that zchus the ENTIRE WORLD will be redeemed and man will know no more suffering.


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