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Just You

Related Rav Moshe Tzvi Neriah about Rav Kook:

I merited seeing him at his time of joy on Simchas Torah afternoon. There was an elevated spirit at his table and much lively singing. Suddenly he arose and starting pacing the room while singing the song of the Baal Hatanya [from Tehillim 73, 25] with great emotion: "Mi li bashomayim, vi'imcha lo chafatzti ba'aretz - Ich vill nicht hoben dem oilam hazeh, ich darph nicht hoben dem oilam haba, nor dir alein, nor dir alein." [I don't want this world, I don't need the next world. Just you alone Hashem, just YOU!!!]

[Oros Hatefilla page 29]

Oy sweetest friends, we need more people who are intoxicated with Hakadosh Baruch Hu!!!

If you're interested in Rav Kook's creativity and extraordinary dvekut, you may find these video clips of interest.


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