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From Cold To Hot

Shalom sweetest friends!!

At the end of Yom Kippur davening, I observed as a man approached the gabbai of the shul and remarked "Everything was ok but next year you should make sure that the air-conditioner works properly".

I don't want to be critical. I once read that before you criticize someone you should step into the other persons shoes and walk for a block. This way if he gets angry you will be a block away and you have his shoes.

BUT, I will use this as an opportunity to ponder my own spiritual poverty. Isn't Yom Kippur supposed to make me a LITTLE more spiritual. Shouldn't I be focused on other things besides my creature comforts. How can I be any different after Yom Kippur if the air conditioning is on my mind?

Amalek cooled us off. "Asher karcha baderech" - They cooled you off on the way.

I hope we can all get heated up!!

Love and blessings to all!!!

Our passion has kept us alive. Once we cool down and don't care anymore, we start disappearing, G-d forbid.

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