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....U'tzedaka - Ma'avirim Es Roa Hagzeira

Sweetest friends, Chazal say that if a person says that "I have ONLY Torah" - he has NOTHING - including Torah. On Alleyways we try to spread Torah - but that is NOT enough. We must also spread Tzedaka. So here are two VERY worthwhile tzedakas where you can be sure that every penny/shekel will go to the worthwhile cause.

1] A sweet very ill boy - Bentzi Gottlieb. We publicized the letter from his father here.

2] I am collecting for the son of a friend of mine who is getting married. His father died tragically, leaving seven young children. I do not want to write the name in order to save the family embarrassment. For more information you can contact me at allyatika@gmail.com or 646-461-1628 or 02-6289-148.


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