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Taking Me For A Ride

"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."


I have returned B"H from my short excursion to the U.S. I would like to thank my sweetest friends who made the trip so special. To all of the people who gave me rides: R' Yaakov Dov Slomnicki, my sister Naomi Weberman and her husband R' Yossi, R' Shmuel Binyamin Stein, R' Mordy Leifer and R' Avraham Yitzchak Jaspan. Many others offered to drive me somewhere and I appreciate that as well. To the people I stayed with: The Hirsh family, the Stein family and my brother Jonathan and his family. Everyone made sure I was comfortable.

I also thank R' Dori Binyamin Levin for organizing a get together [with pizza!] in his apartment and R' Shmuel Binyamin and his wife Shira Malka for doing the same [pizza too!]. I also thank everyone who took part and gave me tremendous chizzuk.

May all of the achdus we felt serve as a merit before the days of the high and holy.

I also want to thank the pilot. Flying is MUCH easier than SWIMMING the Atlantic.

The very first word we say every day is "Thanks". So I will conclude this post with the very same message - Thanks to one and to all!!

Love and blessings!

hey rebbe!
i would like to offer my services to the rebbe for the next time he comes to new york. i have a car with comfortable seats and can drive him where ever he wants. if the rebbe would like he can even drive my car too! ok, hope to speak to you soon!

daniel eliyahu

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