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Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.

Wayne Dyer

At the beginning of selichos we say "Haneshama lach vi-hagoof poalach" - "The soul is Yours and the body You created". The soul is "Lach", it is Godly, whereas the body is only "poalach" - G-d created it but it can't be described as Lach. Lach implies a direct and constant relationship and poalach implies a certain distance.

Our souls are Lach - Godly and real. Our bodies are mere creations - not unlike a tree or a lake.

Chaviv adam shenivra bitzelem - Beloved is man who is created in the image of G-d.
G-d doesn't love us because we have white blood cells or ankles but because we have a Godly soul. We should love ourselves for the same reason!

Some Jewish mothers [usually Sephardi] call their children - "Neshama'le" or "Neshama Sheli".

They are on to something.

Good Shabbos Sweetest and Most Beloved Neshamos!!

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