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More Responsibility

Two retailers go to their wholesaler to purchase merchandise on credit. One buys 5,000 dollars worth and his friend buys 10,000 dollars worth. The man who bought 10,000 dollars worth says to his friend "Ho ho, I am richer than you! I have TWICE as much".

"No, no," his friend answers, "not so simple. You also OWE more than I do."

In this weeks parsha, Parshas Shoftim, we read that a king is not allowed to be a baal gaiva [haughty] [17,20]. Yes, indeed, he is in a position of power and authority but that just means that more is expected of him. By extension, if you are gifted you cannot feel superior to your friend because more is expected of you. With talent comes responsibility. If you make a lot of money that means that you must give more to tzedaka. If you have a good head that means that you are expected to reach high plateaus in learning.

[Based on a mashal of the Dubno Maggid]

For more on gaiva and this weeks Parsha - here.

A Blissful Shabbos to all of my beloved, sweetest friends!

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