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Keeping Perspective

Boss to employee: Don't you care about this job?!

Employee: Of course! It is the most important thing in my life!!

Boss: So how come you are so rarely in the office? You barely ever come in, and when you do, you are so tired you barely get any work done!

Employee: But I am busy. I have a wife and children and I spend most of my time with them.

Boss: What is more important – your family or your job?


Boss: Well, if it was so important, you would make it your business to be in the office more and invest more time in the company and less time at home.


Now, sweetest friends, substitute work for home and home for work and you will get what I am driving at [despite my lack of drivers license that I mentioned in the previous post. If I "drive" at a point without a license or while intoxicated – would I get arrested?].

People claim that their families are important to them but are rarely home. Excuses? They have loads! But excuses won't make their marriages successful and won't provide their children with the time and attention they crave.

Work is important but all too often people lose sight of what REALLY matters. Work is a MEANS to an end. Family is the end. Don't forget your wife and children. They need you the most and ultimately you need them most as well.

Work is overrated.

Love and blessings!!

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