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Cold Feet

Recently the world lost a tzaddik named Rav Moshe Chait. [Please read the link and the comments.] Although I wasn't zoche to be his student, I was the student of his students. I hope his spirit permeates my being and that I am able to pass it on to my sweetest friends.

In shul I saw a dvar torah in which a beautiful story was related about the Rav. A student came to his yeshiva [Chofetz Chaim] for the year and planned to attend college the following year [old story...]. He ended up staying for a number of years. When asked why, he explained: One time the student was at the kotel with his Rebbe Rav Chait. The Kohanim took off their shoes to duchen. The boy noticed that the Rav gently moved the shoes closer to where the kohanim were duchening so that they would not have to step on the cold floor. He decided that if he has the opportunity to be around a person of such refined character he would not give it up.

May we be zoche to refine our own character and make this world of ours a better place.


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Segula - 40 days at the Kotel

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