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Sweetest friends, this is a copy of a letter written by the father of Bentzi Gottlieb. Please read and open your hearts - and wallets!

Our son Yehuda Ben Tzion (Bentzi), age four and a half, has been ill for four years now with a rare infection in his intestines, He has been to some of the best hospitals in Israel and the United States, including Schneider's hospital for children (lij) no known cure has been found for eosonophilic colitis and eosonophilic gastro enterits.

It has taken approximately two and half years to reach the exact diagnosis, and for the past year and a half we have been faced with numerous, unpleasant experimental treatments including chemo bated medications, to no avail.

Within those few years, Bentzi has been hospitalized numerous times. Sometimes his stays last up to 2 months.

Since all the lengthy and excruciating efforts in reaching a solution/cure are strictly experimental and are not covered by the health insurance, we have been forced to cover all the medical expenses ourselves. In addition, due to our need to spend time with our son for the various medical exams and/or treatments, hospitalizations, doctor visits, etc., we have unfortunately been forced to lose hundreds of hours from work.

Within the past four years our medical debts have reached up to $65,000, which we have a difficult time recovering. The money to repay loans, which we kindly received from all the generous people, is not available to us. It has put us in a humiliating and unbearable situation to search and request for further help, whether from a gemach (a chessed organization) or a private lender.

Furthermore, the treatments which Bentzi has been receiving lately are costing us approximately 4,000 shekels every 5 weeks, while the special food he has been receiving through a gastrostomy (G tube) has been costing us approximately 2,000 shekels a month, which overall brings our financial outlay to nearly 6,000 shekels ($1,500) a month.

B"H both my wife and I are employed full time and work endlessly to make ends meet. However, our inability to cover our high financial dues, despite constant striving, put a heavy financial burden as well as a mental strain on our family.

Therefore, with a pleading heart, I turn to you as dear friends and special Jews to have rachmanus (compassion) on our ill son and reach out a helping hand in assisting us to provide him the best of medical care and support, which he so desperately needs, while decreasing our financial strains and obligations. We're trying our hardest not to fall short of providing the best for our dear son Bentzi and our other three boys, may they all be well.

Lastly, we have turned to several organizations which provide support for seriously ill children, and we were told that we B"H do not qualify because our son does not have Cancer.

B"H, we are more than grateful that Bentzi does not have that grueling disease, however, the costs involved in Bentzi's disorder, including experimental and unpleasant medical treatments, are no less of a strain on us. Therefore, every bit of help towards our unfortunate and stressful situation would be of enormous support to us.

Please daven for the refuah sheleima of Yehudah Bentzion ben Naomi

May Hashem grant you with many blessings from Above!

Tizku L'mitzvos

Pinchas Gottlieb

Donations may be sent to:

Pinchas Gottlieb

Yismach Yisroel 26/3

Beitar Ilit 90500


Phone: 972-2-626-0902

E mail: pinchasg@gmail.com

Tax deductible receipts are available in the U.S.:

You may address the check to: "Tzedaka V'Chessed" and specify on the memo "Torat Eliyahu".

Donations which do not need tax deductible receipts can be directly deposited into an available account in America:

Pinchos gottlieb

Bank: HSBC

Acct number: 677738129

Routing number: 021001088

So that we can acknowledge your kindness, please let us know of any deposit.

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