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Errors Of Commission And Errors Of Omission

Sweetest friends. Go to any shiva home and you will hear the praises of the niftar being sung. I often ask myself - why now? Why not when he was alive and he could have enjoyed the adulation and admiration?! But that is the sad reality. A person is only appreciated after he is gone.

In this weeks parsha we read about a person who is afflicted with tzaraas because he spoke Lashon Hara ["Metzora - Motzi Ra"]. But the Zohar adds a critical point: Not only is a person punished for all of the negative words he spoke. He is also will pay the price for every time he COULD have said something positive and refrained from doing so.

So if you have something nice to say - say it!! And if you don't - think of something.

Love, blessings And Shabbat Shalom!!

A parsha shiur about life and relationships.

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