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Abuse In Our Community - Part 2

"Pure Tzaddikim

Don't complain about evil

Rather they add righteousness

Don't complain about heresy

Rather they add faith

Don't complain about ignorance

Rather they add wisdom"

Rav Kook Zatz"l

Some people enjoy complaining and finding fault. The way of the tzaddikim is to add light. So what can we do? Of course if we know of an offender we must do anything in our power to stop him. If we don't, there is another way.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Adults [particularly men - less so with women] are not generally interested in children. In the best case scenario a father is interested in his OWN child. Often - even this is not the case. What I mean by "interested" is engaging the child in conversation, displaying an interest in what he is learning in school, what he is doing for vacation and primarily trying to find ways to make the child feel special. I have observed that an adult will rarely talk to a child for more than a minute or two [except of course for a parent or teacher].

We have to remember that a child's self image is built upon the way the adult world relates to him. If he receives love, caring, encouragement and praise the child feels good about himself. Otherwise he doesn't have the capacity to feel positively [truth be told, many adults are in the same situation].

So, make a child feel loved! Our sources teach us that Hashem feels special love for children. The Kruvim in the Kodesh Kodashim [Holies Of Holies] were in the likeness of children. Children are Kodesh Kodashim. Pure and precious. That is the fact. It is our job to make them feel that way. If you have your own, then start with them. Then move on to your neighbor's and to the kid sitting near you in shul. Remember - you might love your children more than anyone elses but Hashem doesn't! So follow in the path of Hashem and try to love ALL children.

It is not hard. Children are truly lovable!!

"Adults [particularly men - less so with women] are not generally interested in children. ... What I mean by "interested" is ... trying to find ways to make the child feel special."

If that's the criterion, then adults are not generally interested in most adults either.

(Something else that needs to change)

Beisrunner - you're still with me? Thanks!

I agree with your sentiments.

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