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Flying Pudding

Rabbi Avraham Baharan was a famous educator in Israel. I recently read a story he told about his youth.

He was 10 years old and a student at the Eitz Chaim Talmud Torah. There was a rule in the lunchroom of the school. The students were only allowed to receive a second helping of pudding if everybody else had already ready received a portion. One day he wanted MORE! The lady in the kitchen refused his request as not everybody had received. So, in order to exhibit his displeasure, he overturned the entire pot that contained the pudding and the pudding FLEW! The lady screamed and shouted at him. She was no happy camper. Boy, did he get it. He was then told that the next day he was to see the Mashgiach of the Talmud Torah. Uh oh!

That night he was so scared that he couldn't sleep. The next day he showed up in the small, simple office of the Mashgiach, Rabbi Aryeh Levin Ztz"l [whose Yahrtzeit is the ninth of Nissan]. He was shaking! The Rav said to him "I hear that you like pudding?" "Yes." "So here is a bowl of pudding for you to enjoy."

That, says Rabbi Baharan, was his first lesson in education.

Halevai that we should have more educators like that.

A thought for Pesach - the holiday of Chinuch.

Love and blessings!!

PS - A shiur on Shechting Your Bed!

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