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Maschilim Bi'gnus?!

A boy is set up with a girl. He receives the number of one of her teachers at Seminary as a reference. He calls him up.

"Hello, my name is Moshe Chaim Gutyid and I am calling about a Shidduch with Chana Leah Elzar. Can you tell me about her."

"Ahh Chana Leah. She has a thing for cults. When she was fifteen she started hooking up with various cults: Scientology, the Moonies etc. etc. She then became the chapter leader of Jews for Jesus [as opposed to Jews for Cheeses which is an organization for Jews who love that dairy product in its endless forms]. Then she entered a convent and studied to be a nun. Finally she got out of the "habit" [pun intended!] and came to Seminary "Bnos T'horos". Today she is a fine, upstanding, modest and pure bas yisrael. I highly recommend her!"

Would you want to marry such a girl?

We start telling our story in the Hagada "Mitchila ovdei avoda zara hayu avoseinu" -"Our forefathers were originally idolators". As the Mishna in Pesachim says - Maschilim bi'gnus - We must start the Hagada by remembering our ignominious past.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????????????????????? It's EMBARRASSING and brings no credit to us!!

Love and blessings!!!!!!

P.S. The latest of our Holocaust Responsa series with a GREAT story.

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