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Elevated Giving

If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.

Bob Hope

In this weeks Parsha we read about the people who donated to the Mishkan. They are called "nisa'o leebo" [his heart elevates him] and "nadva roocho" [generous spirit]. The Holy Ohr Hachaim explains that the Torah is describing two categories of givers. The higher level is "nisa'o leebo" - he gives MORE than he is able. The Pasuk calls him an "Ish" - a compliment due to him because of his generosity. The other category of people are called "nadva roocho" - these people give because they WANT to give and feel no pain when they give to this worthy cause. These people are also praiseworthy albeit not on the level of the nisa'o leebo group [who have gone BEYOND the call of duty]. This is why nisa'o leebo is mentioned first.

May we be zocheh to always find ourselves amongst the givers!!!

Good Shabbos Sweetest Friends!!!!!!!

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