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The Death Of god [lower case g]

Li'ilui nishmas my great-grandmother Esther bas R' Shmuel who was sweeter than sweet. Today, Rosh Chodesh Nissan, is her 20th yahrzeit and I have tears in my eyes writing this. I, together with my family, miss her dearly. She lived for us and I wish I would have been more mature and done more to bring her simcha. As a merit for her pure Neshama I ask you to do one of three things - either learn a mishna, say a perek of Tehillim or call up an elderly person and make him or her feel special. Thank you soooooo much.

We have seen the fall of Religion in America. I am not rejoicing - this collapse has caused many people great hardships. The Religion I am referring to of course is MONEY. Yes, MONEY has supplanted G-d as being the highest value. Even, regrettably, amongst many of those who have their head covered [male or female], how much money you have is FAR more important than how much Torah you learn or how much yiras shomayim you have. I witness this very often. That is why Yeshiva students in Israel have to fight with their parents to study one more year in Yeshiva but seldom [never?] do I hear of a child who is told "The most important thing is Torah and middos tovos. Of course you have to earn a living, but that is only a means to a much greater end. The end is Kedusha, Ahavas Hashem and a kind and generous heart. So focus on G-d and when the time comes I am sure you will make a living. As a matter of fact, making an honest living is also a mitzva. But, of course, not one for which we sell our soul. Yeshiva is FAR more important that University. So even if you attend University never forget what is most important. Anyway, money won't make you happy."

Such a statement is axiomatic to Jewish belief but unfortunately all too few are faithful to it. Only after somebody dies do people talk about what really matters. The persons spiritual side is presented as being primary and nobody really cares what the persons yearly salary was or what type of car he drove.

Well, G-d doesn't value a person in proportion to his net worth. We shouldn't either. "Hatzilaini midomim Elokim" - cried Dovid Hamelech in Tehillim. This is translated by a Chassidic master as "Save me from making money [domim] my G-d." How sad it is that a Jewish child is taught both explicitly and tacitly that it is nice but be religious but don't forget what really matters. MOOLA! GELT! KESEF! To paraphrase Coach Lombardi "Money isn't everything - it's the ONLY thing."

Before we could leave Egypt we had to slaughter the Egyptian God [the sheep] and only then could we fully accept the true G-d. Maybe that is the lesson of this economic meltdown. People should realize that life is not about paper, mere pieces of paper. G-d is higher, Torah is higher, honestly is higher and frankly, money is very low on the list of important things in life. For this reason "god" had to die. Many people have no more money.

Oh no, I am aware. One needs money to live. It IS important. I don't dispute that. But so is relieving oneself [excuse the mashal] but only a fool lives in order to relieve himself. It is just about keeping things in proportion.

May we show Hashem what is really important to us by spending money on spiritual matters and in that merit may He bestow upon us economic prosperity together with good health and happiness!!

Love and blessings to all!!

PS The latest in Holocaust Responsa. Don't miss it. I didn't! You won't regret it.

Also, Parshas Vayikra and the Hagada. I guarantee you - such Torah you have never heard. A completely original approach [not mine]!!

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