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Strange Fires

Recently we have had a number of posts on FIRE. The Torah is fire - "mimino AISH DAS lamo". If fire is used in the right way it enLIGHTENs, warms and excites. If fire is not used properly, it can be dangerous. That is what happened this week to Nadav and Avihu who brought a "strange fire" which subsequently consumed them.

Marriage, too, is fire [see Sotah 17]. If there is peace there is enlightenment, warmth and excitement. If the fire is misused it turns into the fire of anger and the yetzer hara [see the end of Kiddushin where Rav Amram Chasida called his yetzer hara fire]. May Hashem save us from harmful fires.

Good Shabbos Sweetest Friends!!!!!!!!!!

For those who EAT the following shiur on the parsha may interest you.

Sadly, I inform you that it is no longer necessary to daven for Dovid Chaim Yoseph ben Simma Perel.

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