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Shalom Sweetest Friends!

The following situation was presented to me by an acutely sensitive woman in the Old City [not related to me but connected to the Yeshiva]: A person's five year old son has cancer [CHAS VISHALOM!! but please bear with me]. The child has undergone the hell of chemotherapy and is still very ill. There is a new experimental treatment that the doctors want to try on the child. If they don't do it they will have to CUT OUT HIS INTESTINES. In the meantime the family is spending 10,000 shekels a month on this child and is sinking deeper and deeper into debt. How is it possible to sleep peacefully at night?

Answer: It's not my child.

Yes, but it is a Jewish child. A child of Hashem. Hashem doesn't love my child any more than this child. One can be insensitive and try to forget it and go on with life. Or one can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I was asked to reach out and ask people to do something about little Bentzion G. He is a real child who has suffered from what I described above. His family lived in the Old City for a while but left in order to save money. The mother was one of my children's nursery teacher. The father even went to America to try to raise money but BARELY COVERED HIS TICKET. [Ya know - "the matzav".]

My beloved friends, there is nothing I can think of more distasteful than to ask for money but this is a matter of life or [at least partial] death. I HOPE that I can't fall asleep tonight. At least that would mean that I am not completely callous.

So if you can contribute AND/OR have any ideas how I can help gather a substantial amount of money for them - please contact me either at allyatika@gmail.com or 646-461-1628 or 02628-9148.

Thank you!!

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