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Appreciating The Divine

I understand why people enjoy sports. It is exciting to watch. But I often wonder why people are interested in what athletes have to say. With a few notable exceptions [Bill Bradley is one], none of them ever seem to have anything intelligent to say ["We have to take it one game at a time", "We got beat but we have to come back and play better next time" "They just out-hustled us"]. So why all of the interviews? There are so many more intelligent and knowledgeable people who we should want to hear from.

But I was informed of the following;

There is a list called the "TIME 100". This is a list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

In addition to compiling their own list, they ask various people, past honorees and other important people, who they would put in the list.

LeBron James, was asked for his nominee for this years TIME 100 list. James chose to mention Jay Schottenstein:

Jay Schottenstein, an Ohio business leader and philanthropist, has supported the translation and elucidation of the Talmud Bavli into English, Hebrew and French. The Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud is now utilized by more than 2 million people worldwide.


King James - Yashar Koach.

Now, if we can just get some Yidden to appreciate the Talmud as well!

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