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Defining Holiness

What does it mean to be "kadosh" - holy?

Sitting on top of a mountain and meditating?

Fasting every day?

Learning non-stop?

Davening with unbridled intensity?

Well, when we go under the chuppah we perform "kiddushin"? The root of kiddushin is "kadosh". So what is kiddushin? Tosphos at the beginning of Maseches Kiddushin says that it means "special" or "set aside" [miyuchedes]. Being mekadesh a woman means that we say "You are special to me. There is nobody else."

Kedusha means that we live our life in such a way that shows that Hashem is special to us, that we are completely dedicated to the relationship. If anything else besides Hashem matters then He is no longer special.

Kedusha means living in the world - for Hashem.

That is an idea for Kedoshim. But this week is a double-header. What about Acharei Mos?

A Thursday Night Mussar talk. I just read the beautiful poem posted in the comments section of the previous post. Keep it in mind as you listen to the shiur.

Good Shabbos Beloved Friends. And thank you for visiting Alleyways! I really appreciate it.

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