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A War Has Broken Out!

Life is SUPPOSED to be easy. No battles! Smooth sailing!


Life is in fact supposed to be a CONSTANT battle. That is why you are having a rough time. Our purpose on earth is to fight relentlessly against the forces of evil - primarily those within us. So taught the Heilige Ramchal in his Mesilas.

In LiDovid Hashem we say "im takum alai milchama BAZOS ani boteach" - If there is a war, "Bazos" - in this, I trust. What is "in this" that I trust?

Sfas Emes: In the milchama! If I have a war, I know that I can win. That is my purpose, my raison d'etre. So don't worry! Just keep fighting - with a smile on your face and simcha in your heart with the knowledge that you are growing!!

Love and blessings!!

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