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Holiness Of Speech

There are some people who are thirsting for Hashem. I LOVE such people because they elevate me from my low state. They want nothing more than to fear, cling to and love Hashem - Yirah, Dveykus and Ahava. Rav Kook [Shmonah Kvatzim, Kovetz Dalet Os Ayin] discusses such people. He notes that even though they have a strong spiritual inclination, that is not enough.

It is also important for such people to focus on KEDUSHAS HAPEH. This means that they must engage in positive speech, such as torah and tefilla. This is what is meant by the pasuk we will read in this weeks haftora - "Kechu imachem devarim vishu el Hashem" - Take words and return to Hashem. Also, such people must be very careful not to engage in forbidden speech such as lashon hara and nivul peh. Of course, every person must be careful in his speech but people of great spiritual quality must be especially careful. For example, everybody must eat a healthful diet but professional athletes most be even more careful. In the same way, the soul of people with a strong spiritual constitution requires special vigilance in the area of kedushas peh.

Sweetest friends! Recently I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with various young people with very elevated neshamos. It has been a pleasure and I hope it continues. I also hope that they are wise enough to take care to speak words of holiness.

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