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Asarah Biteves

A friend recently invited me to his wedding but I will NOT be attending! It says on the invitation "Modest Dress Required". I will do A LOT to gladden a Chosson and Kallah but I will NOT wear a modest dress. That is going too far!!

Anyway, that is to break the depression that this fast day may bring. But we must remember that the "ikker" of the day is teshuva and tzedaka. Here are some halachos of the day. Most [if not all] of the halachos apply to our fast day. One comment: He writes that a "baal nefesh" should refrain from taking a haircut on a fast day. However I looked in the responsa he cited as the source for this ruling [Tzitz Eliezer Vol. 7 Simman 49] and he says that it is completely permitted and there is no reason to be machmir.

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