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By nature I am a very talkative person. But life has taught me that there are few experiences in life more rewarding than LISTENING! We have two ears and only one mouth [maybe] so that we should listen double the amount we speak.

How do we listen properly??

Listen [!] to Dr. Carl Rogers:

Can I let myself enter fully into the world of his feelings and personal meanings and see these as he does? Can I step into his private world so completely that I lose all desire to evaluate or judge it? Can I enter it so sensitively that I can move about in it freely, without trampling on meanings which are so precious to him? Can I sense it so accurately that I can catch not only the meanings of his experience which are obvious to him, but those meanings which are only implicit, which he sees only dimly or as confusion? Can I extend his understanding without limit?

Maybe if we would listen more to others then, midah kineged middah, Hashem would listen to our tfillos.

Love and blessings!!

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