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Special Mitzva Opportunity:Exclusive To Alleyways!!

Please join me in this special Mitzvah opportunity to perform a Chesed Shel Emes!

I knew an elderly and kindly Jew who tragically was never married and had nobody to say kaddish for him thereby elevating his soul.

So if you can do a mitzva lĂ­lui nishmaso it would be an monumental favor for him - and me.

So next time you are about to get angry - stop and think I will remain calm lilui nishmas Aharon ben Yaakov Shachna. [Anger is an aveira according to the Rambam in Hilchos Teshuva.]

Next time a poor man approaches you smile warmly at him and thank him for allowing you the privilige of giving - then donate generously - lilui nishmas Aharon ben Yaakov Shachna.

Next time you have the urge to waste time - learn a mishna lilui nishmas Aharon ben Yaakov Shachna.

Next time you have a free hour - go to the hospital and raise the spirits of the ill, lilui nishmas Aharon ben Yaakov Shachna.

Next time you see a sefer you like write the author a letter praising him and the sefer ..... Aharon ben Yaakov Shachna. [Everyone enjoys a compliment - even a Talmid Chacham.]

Next time you feel like blasting somebody - hold your tongue ... Aharon ben Yaakov Shachne.

Just a few suggestions but you can be creative.

May the improvement in our character that will inevitably result be lilui nishmas ........... you guessed right - Aharon ben Yaakov Shachne.

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