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But life can throw you a lot of curveballs!!

When I was a child I didn't just like sports. I lived for sports! Now thank G-d I have outgrown it and consider the whole enterprise [following sports - not exercising chas v'shalom which is a great mitzva] a mammoth waste of time. However since it is still in my blood I often think about how it can be applied to spirituality.

A player stands at home plate. His goal - to reach home plate!? Why is he bothering to hit - he is already there? The obvious answer - there are nine men whose focus is on not letting the batter round the bases. The challenge is to overcome them. Only then is reaching home plate significant!!!

Our soul was with Hashem next to His Divine throne. Our goal - to return there after 120 years. But we were already there to begin with - so why bother sending us down here? Answer - it is only significant to be next to Hashem's throne if we overcome all of the obstacles that stand in our way on our rode to perfection.

If we succeed then we have proven ourself much greater than the name of a certain team from California. Angels don't have tests like we do.

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