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To Love Somebody

Please daven for Yaakov ben Yenta Sarah who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

If you want to be REALLY holy go to adoptacholeh.com and print out their list of sick people - and then daven!!

One time Rav Nevenzahl was at the Kotel [nothing to do with the yeshiva of the same name - and please don't get me involved in politics - once was enough!!]. At one point he said a very very long "mi sheberach" and mentioned name, after name, after name - [all from memory!]. Finally someone became impatient and asked why he has to mention so many names. The Rav answered "Because it is fulfillment of the Mitzva to love your friend as much as you love yourself." [Also you can listen to my shiur in the machshava section entitled "Empathy".]

Good Shabbos to all of my very sweet and holy friends!

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Segula - 40 days at the Kotel

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