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I must repent : Please Help Me!!


No despite the late [or early] hour I have not mistaken Teves for Tishrei. But in fact there is a Biblical Commandment to repent and confess every day [and every minute] of the year. [Lamdonim, please don't try to Minchas Chinuch me.]

Yes, even in the dead of winter when the Inbal is half empty and the famous Jerusalem sun is on vacation. So I was thinking. What do we mean when we say על חטא שחטאנו לפניך באונס וברצון

I understand the vidui on purposeful aveiros but why on "ones". We all know that "ones Rachmana patrei".

Please help me.

i rarely ever do this, and may be held over my head for a loooong time... but in the name of limud torah i have no choice. i am about to quote artscroll.


the 1st comes form the back of the artscroll yom kippur machzor:
"under duress: often we sin because we put ourselves in a predicament that we rationalize that we have no choice but to sin. for example, if we are aafraid we may lose our jobs or our customers, we may permit ourselves to do some things that we know to be wrong and would not condone in others..."

the 2nd comes from 'Pathway to Prayer' of the artscroll series. obviously the yom kippur one:
"with coercion (when we were not permitted to submit): This includes when one is coerced, even with the threat of death, to commit idolatry, immoraliy or murder. Likewise it includes an act that will cause a desacration of the Name of God, such as when ther eis a decree to uproot Judaism, in which case one may not transgress even the smallest Rabbinic decree.
"The YAAVETZ wrote that even in a case where one is coerced to do a sin to which he is permited to submit, the act still requires forgiveness, for he should have prayed not to be put into such a predicament (as we pray every morning, 'do not bring us.. unto a difficult test'"

Thank you Amichai.

Thank you Artscroll!!!

Thank you Amichai.

Thank you Artscroll!!!

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