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For Crying Out Loud - An Answer

My Rebbe pointed out a Medrash in Seder Olam that says that before the meeting between Yoseph and Binyamin about which the Chumash relates - they previously conducted a secret meeting. Hence when the pasuk says that Yoseph cried when he saw Binyamin it could not be referring to the natural emotion he felt after not having seen his brother for so many years. That is what compelled Rashi to explain that Yoseph cried over the destruction of the Batei Mikdash.

In general it is worthwile to take note of all the places where Rashi seems to offer an interpretation that is far from the simple meaning and to understand why. Because as I noted, Rashi himself says [in Beraishis 3/8] that his intent is to explain the simple meaning of the text.

but how did Rashi come to this particular answer?

Good question. I don't know. But it does explain why he rejected the simple pshat.

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