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Saving Ones Own Life: Tzedooki Tzedooki Tzedooki!!!

Tzedakah tatzil mimaves - Tzedaka saves from death.

The Kabbalists teach that it also saves one from Gehinnom. Imagine if one were told that G-d forbid they must undergo a very painful operation without anasthesia. The only other option would be to give a few dollars to charity. If they choose the second option - no operation and no illness. Which would we choose?

I personally have never given one dollar of my own to tzedakah. Because all of "my" money is really Hashem's money that He gave me in order to better serve Him. It is EASY giving away money that belongs to someone else!

But the best reason to give tzedaka: Because it is the right thing to do. It shows that we care about others. It is an act of Godliness. We don't just give but we are happy to do so. It is a zchus!

Recently a friend and I decided to start a Tomchei Shabbos organization to provide poor families in the Old City with food. No such organization exists even though there are DOZENS of families that need. Example: I have a good friend who just had his seventh child [his wife also helped...] but he can't afford to move out of his ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT. You read correctly. However since our funds are so limited he didn't even make the list of the needy. Many people say - get a job!! Stop learning in kollel. Kollel is in my opinion a beautiful concept. Learning Torah Lishmah, no degrees, no kavod etc. etc. However in most of these families either one or both parents work. But it is not enough to feed their families. Some people say: So don't have so many children!!! Please forgive me but I lost 6 million relatives a few decades ago so I am absolutely THRILLED every time a Jewish child is born. I personally would love to have 20 of my own if Hashem were willing. [I would actually like to have 6 million but I would feel really rotten if I forgot some of their birthdays].

Well, back to Tomchei Shabbos. We ran out of money already so this Thursday there will be no distribution.

So, if you wish to "make partner" in this worthy cause [the Chasam Sofer says that the poor of Jerusalem take precedence over others] please don't hesitate. And if you don't give to us - give to someone in need. You won't regret it.

With love and blessings for health and wealth and very long lives to all of my dear friends

I remain faithfully yours,

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

Is it responsible to have 7 children if you can only afford to live in a one bedroom apartment?

Dear S.F.K. my anonymous but surely wonderful friend!!!!!!!!

No less responsible than having a child in Czech. [I will not try spelling it] in 1943. Things were VERY rough. World War 2 was raging. Jews were dying in numbers beyond belief. Many would say to have a child at such a time is irresponsible.

I know a couple that did so. I am glad they did! So are my 3 siblings.
And so are my mother's 20 odd grandchildren.

The Torah stresses the sanctity of life in all situations. Life is valuable even if a person is poor!!!

With love and a bracha that you always have enough money to have as many children as you want,

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

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