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Lights In A Dark World

I am a lucky person. I was born to wonderful parents who not only provided me with my material needs but also ensured that I should receive a proper Jewish education. And when they felt that I needed reinforcements they brought someone to my house to learn more Torah with me. [I often think that if I would have payed more attention I would have benefitted so much more from the experience. But I was too busy. I was training my future job. Professional athlete!!]. They insisted that I stay a second year in Yeshiva in Israel. [It has been a loooong year].

My parents showed me the beauty of Shabbos as our Shabbos table was filled with delicious food, guests of all types would honor us with their presence and zemiros and divrei Torah were the norm. All areas of my observance until this very day are impacted by the wonderful home in which I grew up.

Not everyone has it so easy. This past week I met two people [no connection between the two] who greatly inspired me. One we will call Joey. Joey was brought in a completely irreligious home. However, we cannot say that his father was derelict in his duty to give his child a Jewish education. Joey's father is not Jewish. Yet when Joey was in eleventh grade he decided to attend Yeshiva. No support [financial or otherwise] from his parents. But Joey wants Hashem. He has to overcome many hurdles daily but he still perseveres. A number of times a week Joey sits in on my classes - but he has taught me more than I can ever teach him.

The other person is an extremely gifted young woman who we will call Rochelle [not her real name]. Rochelle's parents were raised in Commmunist Russia and still believe that G-d is a relic of the past and religion the opium of the masses. She decided - to her parents dismay - to observe the Torah. Without going into detail it is VERY difficult. But she personifies the indomitable Jewish spirit by keepng Mitzvos under such difficult conditions. What is more amazing is that she maintains an extremely close personal relationship with her parents [particularly her mother]. I firmly believe that as she actualizes her desire to further her Jewish education her parents might very well follow along. Communism lasted only 70 years. The Torah is eternal.

These two young people serve as a source inspiration to me, showing that in this world of crass materialism, the Jewish soul shines brighter than ever. I hope you are inspired as well.

Happy Chanukah!!!

Love and Blessings to all!

Happy chanukah Rav Ally

Thank you so much sofdvar. You warmed my heart!!

Rabbi Ehrman!

You are the BEST!!!! Thank you thank you Thank You!!! You don't know what it means to me when someone cares so much, and helps so selflessly.. Thank you :)

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