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Please Help Me:My Name Is Aaaaairman

In Rashi in this weeks parsha he quotes the famous aphorism "√Ącharon acharon chaviv" [last is best]. If your name is Zysblat this can only serve to make you feel great!

But - 1 The gemara in numerous places [e.g. Yevamos 2b, Bava kamma 17b] says that first is best!

2 What is the logic. Why should last be best??

Please answer first. That would be best.

Please Help Me.

It depends on the situation. There are times when it is best to be first and there are times when you save the best for last.

I know this isn't pshat, or maybe it is pshat...

The pasuk says that Yaakov put the shfachot and their children first, Leah and her children last, and Rachel and Yosef last. So Rashi is pointing out that the last "last" (acharon acharon), who, according to the pasuk are Rachel and Yosef, are chaviv!

It's not that last is always best, but in this instance, it makes sense that Yaakov would put his chaviv last in line of the people going to meet Eisav harasha.

Shalom Rabbi Ehrman-
I think that Rashi and the Gemorahs are not conflicting. Perhaps the idea is that you have to live in the NOW. NOW is always best. Sometimes NOW is going to be the first of a series of events and sometimes NOW is the last of a series of a events . We only know if retrospect.Regardless, if you view yourself Right NOW, then no matter if its the Begining or End, its always best.

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