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Toldos:Bless You - Not Just For Sneezers

A recurring theme in Sefer Beraishis is BRACHOS. Hashem blesses the Adam and Chava. Then he repeatedly blesses the Avos. The Avos themselves bless their children. In this weeks parsha we see how important the bracha of Yitzchak was to both Yaakov and Eisav.The entire sefer concludes with Yaakov blessing his children and grandchildren.

We are exhorted to walk in the ways of Hashem. Chazal also famously teach that everyone should say "Masai Yageu maasai Lmaasay avosai" - When will my deeds be like those of my forefathers. What a wonderful way to emulate the Holy ones - bless a Jew!! Also it costs nothing and can be done wherever you are.

I was told of a Maggid Shiur in a yeshiva in America who walks around the Beis Medrash silently blessing individual students. How special!

May Hashem make you a source of blessing to all - including yourself!!!!!!!!

Good Shabbos To All Of My Beloved Friends.

Báhava Rabba

just a technical question - if the Rav silently blesses talmidim which is certainly a beutiful mida, how does anyone know about it?

I don't know - but maybe he whispers it and people hear him.

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