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Lactose Intolerant

I would like to to utilize Rav Herschel Shachter as a true example of Yiras Shamayim!!

He learned the sugya and he concluded that milk products are not kosher - so he stopped eating them. Wow!

He could have relied on the many Torah Giants who disagree with him [such as Rav Asher Weiss and Rav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg - their teshuvos are printed in the journal Habe'er 5763] - but that would not be intellectually honest.

For those of you who still enjoy milk with your Corn Flakes - don't feel guilty, you have plenty of poskim on whom to rely. And if you want to emulate Rav Shachter - emulate his hasmada. I was told by an inside source that one Pesach he learned all of Masechtos Pesachim Chagiga and Beitzah. And of course he found time to have two sedarim, Yom Tov meals, to daven and - to answer questions from all the "hockers" [is that how you spell it?].

Hey Rabbi Ehrman- I spoke to Rav Schachters 'Top' talmid, who told me that he sent a letter to Rav Eliyashiv but didnt get a response. Rav Belsky said not a problem. Essentially, Rav Schchater tried to conclude that statistically speaking, all cows are treif and this is a ruba di eesa kaman, and therfore we shouldnt use any of its products. Rav Osher Weiss disagreed with him and said that we cant use statistics as Rov's. Speak to you soon. ( What is Rav Schachter going to do on Shavous!?!!?!)

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