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Should Mitzvos Be Enjoyable

Hi Rav Ally ,

I would like to ask a couple of questions. I apologize if they are not good questions but they trouble me.

1 I understand that when a Jew does a mitzva or life in general or whatever the harder it was for him to overcome his Yetzer Hara the greater his reward. what i want to know is what about when it comes easy....e.g what's the point in learning Gemara all day if it is easy for you because you love doing it?

And even then why do you deserve a reward for doing it if there is no battle or difficulty in doing it?

2 I am told that on Shabbat we do not ask things of HaShem. if so, then what do we daven for? what's the point? what about the Brachah R'Tzei Bimnuchatenu? Ten Chelkenu B'Toratecha?

That's all for now thank you for your time



Dearest G.Y.!!!

I am so happy that you contacted me!!!!

Your questions are excellent!!

1. Learning torah is unique in that the more pleasure that you get from learning the more the reward!!! However just because something is pleasurable does not mean that it is easy. Example: many people will tell you that raising children is their greatest pleasure-and greatest challenge!!! Learning is pleasurable indeed - however it requires a great deal of mental energy and self-sacrifice as our rabbis teach us in many places (eg. the sixth chapter of pirkei avos which enumerate the 48 ways to acquire torah). אין התורה מתקיימת אלא במי שממית עצמו עליה
true torah learning is when one kills himself for it!!!! And that's the fun.....

2 Your wise question cuts to the very heart of the philsophy prayer!!!

We don't daven to get something from God!!! We daven in order to connect to God!!!!
Our means of connecting is to ask for what we need. But the goal is connection, realizing Who is in charge , appreciating our purpose on earth, showing concern for others by praying for them etc.etc.
If we also receive what we ask for that is an added bonus - but not the point.

On shabbos we are permitted to make SPIRITUAL requests. According to the Talmud Yerushalmi even material requests are permitted if it is part of the nusach hateffila.

Be well and feel free to send more questions . Kol Hakavod that you are concrened with spiritual issues!!


R' Ally

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