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Please Help Me: I Love Making Brachos #28

The Beis Halevi posed a contradiction in the shitta of Rabbeinu Yerucham. In hilchos netilas yadaim [simman 158] he says that one makes the bracha after washing ones hands but before drying. But in Yoreh Deah [28] he says that the bracha on covering the blood after shechita is to be made only after covering the blood. The reason is that one cannot make the bracha before the covering because the slaughtering and covering is one mitzva and one is not allowed to make a bracha while in the middle of a mitzva.

However drying ones hands after netilas yadaim is also part of the mitzva of netila so why is one permitted to make the bracha in between?

Please Help Me.

Perhaps one is allowed to make the bracha after netila but before drying ones hands because it has to do with the mitzvah. Just like after you wash you are allowed to say "pass the salt" because that has to do with the mitzvah, so too the bracha is not a hefsek - the bracha has to do with the mitzvah so it is not a hefsek and it is considered part of the mitzvah.

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