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Parshas Chaye Sarah:Victory

Question: How can we best answer the Gay-Pride parade, beat Hitler and Nassrallah, find our shleimus and bring the Shechinah down to earth - all at once?

Answer: Get married and build families!!!

So boys [of marriagable age] - go down to the well, find a girl who reeeeeally loves to help and propose.

Girls - make sure the boy has fine character, loves Hashem and His creations, learns Torah and davens wirh kavvana. Then extend the index finger of your right hand and PRESTO.

By the way - it is also mekarev the Geula.


An imbalance of requirements, there is? "Fair" - is not for me to say. Create crises it does.

Teire Will

Chazal say that if SHE is a baalas chesed you don't have to check anything else. That is ALL Eliezer checked for. Of course today nishtanu hativim and more must be investigated. I did not expect that anyone would take me literally. In a toungue in cheek sort of way I was trying to promote marriage.

I suggested that the girl look for more because I have pity on all the girls who marry young men who are unable or unwilling to make them happy. And chazal did not say that for a man chesed is enough.

But as always I appreciate your comments!!

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