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Mazel Tov to Rebbetzin Naomi Weberman upon the birth of a baby girl!!

Besides being a Holy Rebbetzin and all around tzadekes, she is also my little sister!

A special Mazel Tov to her parents - known as Bubby and Grandpa.

And of course to my brother in-law, the Esteemed Talmid Chacham Rav Yossi Shlita. Now that he must spend the next couple of days at home helping with the kids it appears that he will not be able to learn his usual 20 hours a day.

Also mazel tov to Avraham Zvi ben Tzippora Leah [Gelnick] on the occasion of his wedding!!! At the wedding there will be a special Pre-Thanksgiving feast - traditionally known as a "Seudas Mitzva".

Mazal Tov to the entire family. ( I wonder if Rabbi Webberman will be writing a torah article.... i mean a shtikle torah in honor of the birth??)

Wow, Mazal TOv to the entire Mishpacha!

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