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Please Help Me:I Want To Invest In Oil

When one is a guest for Chanukah the halacha is that he gives the host a little bit of money through which he acquires a portion of the oil and when the host lights the guests obligation is fulfilled.

However the halacha is that money does not acquire movable objects [such as oil]. If so how is the guest yotzei???

Please help me.

I would invest in stocks and not oil.

Shalom Rav Ehrman- We say that on a deroysa level, money is koneh. Just the rabannan required an additional act of aquistion ie. mishicha, hagbah etc. But perhaps this requirement is only applicable to kinyanay deroyasa (marriage requires kesef deryosa but one must also perform an act to fullfill the derabonon thru brining her into your house). But regarding a kinyan on a derabanon ( chanukah candles) the rabanan didnt require the additional element in kinyan and therefore kesef is perhaps suffiecent to aquire the candles.
(And I would suggest investing in oil)

Chaim Yehoshua HaKohein Austein -
I think you may have mixed up קניני דאורייתא vs. דרבנן with מצות דאורייתא vs דרבנן.
That מצות הדלקת נרות חנוכה is דרבנן does not mean that נרות have דרבנן status vis-a-vis the קנין; they are מטלטלין like any other מטלטלין, regarding which the rule is that מעות is קונה on a דאורייתא level and הגבהה is required מדרבנן. The rule wasn't stated only in contexts of a מצוה דאורייתא, such as קידושין (see רמב"ם מכירה ג).

I also hope you can help me understand what you mean when you say marriage requires כסף דאורייתא but one fulfills the דרבנן by bringing her into your house. You are discussing here 2 distinct acts (קידושין and the requirement of חופה for נישואין), whose relationship is indeed analyzed by ראשונים, but I don't think anyone suggests the reason for חופה is because the קנין made through כסף קידושין was rendered ineffective מדרבנן until חופה (even for those who say that ביאה is the equivalent of the חו"מ type of קנין חזקה only say it for קידושי ביאה, not חופה, and חזקה is a קנין דאורייתא anyway).

i am maskim. however, i came across a shar hazion which brings down the opinon that one should actually pick up the oil as a form of kinyan on the oil when becoming partners in the mitzvah. the shar hazion is in sif katan 9

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