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Please Help Me:Mercy, Mercy!!

I like bentching!!

I know that for many bentching ranks as low as Tachanun ["Would you like some bread?" "No, don't want to bentch"]. But for me bentching is special. The way I see it is that starving to death would be AWFULLY unpleasant. To say the least. So bentching is my way of thanking G-d that he prevents me from starving. And that he gave me a wife who is such a good cook. And that my digestive system works. And that my taste buds function properly. A very dear friend who was sick [today b"h he is well] related to me that for a time he lost the ability to taste food. Taste buds are great. And that I am priviliged to live in Israel and Yerushalayim [at the same time!!!] etc. etc. Also, I ALWAYS know the tune.

But recently I noticed something strange, we repeat "Rachamim" . Why - הוא יגמלנו לעד לחן לחסד ול ר ח מ י ם

לרוח הצלה וכו' פרננסה וכלכלה ו ר ח מ י ם

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  • I'm Rabbi Ally Ehrman
  • From Old City Jerusalem, Israel
  • I am a Rebbe in Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh.
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