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But I Grew Up A Mets Fan

Please forgive me if you don't like it but it popped into my head today.


I love it. Gadlus. And now they are tearing down both the house that Ruth build and Shea Stadium. The race is one whether the JErusalem House of Ruth will be rebuilt before the other two.

I've been wondering for the last 40 days how do I get in touch with my first (and one of my favorite) chavrusa's Ally? And now, One day after completing Meseches Beitzah for the second time- the first time being my first siyum ever- roughly 12 years ago- my weekly Netiv Aryeh email sends me this link!
I actually used my old Gemara a little- and told my chavrusa about "quaffing an egg" and learning about the Isser of Smoking (I recall that night learning in the old Kotel Kollel Beis Medrash).
And now as we are days away from Chanukah, I think back to preparing a shtickle on "HaBor Raik, Ain bo Mayim" for Rav Bina's Mesibah.
I miss you Ally! Hope all is well by you and I look forward to re-acquainting. I actually wanted to reach out to you during the summer. I used your sefer on Milah in preparing for my son Moshe Akiva's Bris (my first after 3 girls).
Please get in touch-
Looking forward-
Have a good Shabbos-

Shalom Rav Ally. I'm neither a Mets Fan nor a Yankees Fan. But I am a Beit HaMikdash fan (and a Cubs fan ... a different 'house'). but, i too, am delighted to see that you have a blog! thank you netiv aryeh newsletter! We are now in Chutz L'Aretz for the next 9 or 10 months and your blog will be helpful to get through it. Thanks and yasher koach on your ideas. ~ Shlomo Hubscher

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