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כח הפה

Recently a boy told me an amazing story. His grandfather was raised an Orthodox Jew but dropped his observance in his 20's. When this boy was about 13, he made an off-hand comment which went approximately as follow: "Grandpa, why do you bother going to shul on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur?! You don't keep the Torah anyway so your prayers are not sincere!"

Within two weeks his Grandfather became a FULLY OBSERVANT JEW and remains that way until this day [daf-yomi included]. Why? His grandson's comment.

Do I recommend that one speak that way to his parents or grandparents? G-D FORBID! One should speak only with respect and complete derech eretz.

But to me it illustrates THE POWER OF WORDS. Words are potent.

מוות וחיים ביד הלשון

I find that story very hard to believe.

Dear Sofdvar

I can give you the name of the boy [if he permits me] and you can ask him yourself. I didn't make it up.

I am not saying that rebbe made the story up G-d Forbid. All I am saying is that it is an incredible story.

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