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What is Hanukah? Answer

My friends have urged me to write answers to the "Please help me's". So sometimes, if I have an answer, I will provide an answer although of course there can be multiple answers. Full disclosure:Many of the questions and answers are not my own but what I have seen and heard.

I think Rashi [shabbos 21] was bothered by our Chanukah question - see his words. I understand him to be answering that the gemara knew all along what chanukah is but the question is: Many miracles transpired - the war, the candles etc. Which miracle in particular prompted the Rabbis to institute a new holiday. The gemaras answer - the candles.

וזה בדרך אפשר. וכבר כתבו שעל כל טיפת דיו של רש"י צריך לשבת שבעה נקיים ושהוא מתרץ חבילות של קושיות במילים ספורות

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