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I Am A Pro-Semite

Jews are the best!! Yesterday I wrote about Tomchei Shabbos of the Old City. Today I received a call from a very fine Talmid Chacham who wants to help financially and otherwise. A future father-in-law of a Netiv Aryeh boy wants to wire money immediately. Other people have expressed interest.

This certainly won't make it to the headlines of the morning paper. That unfortunately is usually reserved for people who break the law. But to my mind it is by far the most newsworthy event of the day.

It should be a merit for our holy nation. While our enemies figure out new and original ways to kill us - we are busy giving away hard-earned money to people in need.

מי כעמך ישראל גוי אחד בארץ

Good Shabbos!!!!!!!

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