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Please Help Me:For Crying Out Loud

We must take the Holy Man at his word. Rashi says that he tries to explain the simple meaning of the text. Pashut pshat. Sometimes, though, he says things that seem to conflict with this claim.

In this weeks Parsha when Yoseph was united with his long lost brother Binyamin he cried. We can understand the strong emotions he felt at this moment. But our Rebbe [Gemara Rebbe, Chumash Rebbe, Nach Rebbe] Rashi says that Yoseph cried over the destruction of the Mishkan and the two Batei Mikdash - which would take place many years in the future!! Why is that the simple meaning of the pasuk.

Please help me.

As far as I know Rashi offers both Pshat and Drash. So this is a drasha.

רש"י's definition of פשט includes things that we refer to in the vernacular as דרש; what רש"י thinks is 'פשט' is very different from רשב"ם conception of פשט (see רשב"ם at the beginning of וישב), which differs from אבן עזרא's definition of 'פשט' (see his introduction to his פירוש עה"ת).

This obviously touches on the larger-than-life issue about the interrelationship between פשט and דרש, an extremely complicated issue that has been debated for centuries (if not millenia) - troves of books have been written about it. This is not, to say the least, an easy issue, and Rabbinic דרש was a major factor (if not "excuse") that led many of the Jewish intellectual elite of the past 250 years to abandon traditional Judaism ("Orthodoxy", per se, did not really exist at the beginning of that juncture).

Hamelech Hakadosh!

See Rashi in Beraishis 3/8. If he is offering drash he will tell us.

Will - What is Rashi's definition of pshat? I know that Rabbi Cooperman [founder of Michlala] wrote about this extensively in a book[let] that I saw back when I learned in a different yeshiva in the old city but I haven't seen it for many years. So single guys - if you are going out with a Michlala girl ask her opinion on this topic. It will keep the conversation flowing and is more interesting than many topics [at least to me]. If she offers a really good answer - marry her!!!!!!

For those who don't know me - I AM JOKING.


what haven't you seen for many years the other yeshiva in the old city or r' cooperman's book? anyway, i already married a michlala girl but haven't asked her yet about the book. instead, i have this link to offer:


rav goldvicht ties in the pshat and drash very nicely in this short vort. worth a click. shabbat shalom!

yosef and benyamin cried over the destruction of the temple b/c just like brotherly hate had been the catalyst for the story of yosef being sold and the story that followed, so too brotherly hate would bring upon the downfall of the temple. the brother had in a sense planted the seeds for future generations and therefore yosef and his brother were lamenting over the future destruction that had in a sense been inititated by their brothers

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